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The enablingsuccess website is based on the WordPress CMS (Content Management System). A squeeze page or splash page effect was created with a jQuery/CSS3 popover, with a video explaining the website owner’s concept and offering a free ebook. The popover only appears for new or infrequent visitors.

The website already included an online personality test. This was upgraded and styled to match the rest of the website.

The Emlyn Pool League website ran for 2 years, and was an online application which allowed team captains to enter scores after matches. The scores were collated and displayed in league tables, and individual match results and dates of upcoming fixtures were also automatically displayed. Editors had access to a custom-built CMS, where they could publish news articles and add new members to the system. Team Captains had access to the online application, and also to a private members’ area. This allowed them to update the information available on the website about each team, including uploading photos and inserting them into an online gallery. All components were custom-made.

The taxi website design includes an online application which allows customers to send SMS messages to the taxi driver, so that he can call them back and arrange a pickup. This was useful as the area is very rural and this one man taxi firm was often out of range of a phone signal. SMS messages would be delivered as soon as he had a phone signal again, so that he would not miss calls.

Better Than Cupcakes Life Coaching website design with WordPress CMS.

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