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I can do most things that you may want for a website if you ask – and if I don’t know how I’ll soon find out!

Prices vary according to the job, but a basic website starts at about £100.












How does the design process work?

Here are a few simple tips for working with your web designer from web guru Paul Boag. He has released this list and more under a Creative Commons licence: that means that I am allowed to give anyone a copy, as long as I don’t ask you to pay me for it!

10 Ways to Ensure a Better Website Design (pdf)

Paul Boag has also developed this neat little online list which can help to organise a first meeting. Have a look to get an idea of the types of things that may come up. There are short explanations for each item.

Kickofff Agenda Generator

Kickoff is a web application, and I have downloaded the source code and will be installing it on my own server shortly, so that it’s easier to plan agendas. Once again, this has been released under a Creative Commons licence.

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  1. Ken Acosta says:

    Web design in this modern day and age has come sooo far since I started as a junior developer


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