Brain Tumour

I dreamt about a woman with a brain tumour who had a young son, about 3 years old. The brain tumour was making it hard for her to look after him. We were watching a documentary about her. The TV people had made it to explain how mental health problems affected children and had chosen her because she couldn’t be blamed for her circumstances in any way.

The lady was from some country in Africa and had to leave the UK to get brain surgery. She was worried that she wouldn’t be allowed back in afterwards. We were all seeing her off at the airport and giving her advice.

Suddenly the woman’s husband was there. He had been a general in their country and was dressed up in his military dress uniform with loads of medals. He was terrified of going back to their home country. I told him I thought he would be OK but to call us if there were any problems. I put my hand on his back and suddenly remembered people praying and doing laying on of hands. He was taking a loaf of bread with him to give to the poor.