I was going to the park. I was carrying my daughter up the hill. She was a toddler and just wearing a nappy. She had short hair.

Suddenly there were lots of gypsy caravans. The gypsies came out and were looking at me. They thought my daughter was a boy. I explained that she was a girl. I went down a lane. All the gypsy men were lining the lane. I asked one of them what was going on. He said a topless model was coming.

The car with the topless model came along the lane. It was going very fast. The car was very tall and thin. I had to get out of the way. There were other cars with her bodyguards.

I got to the pub at the end of the lane. I was explaining to one of the gypsies how to pronounce my daughter’s name. I told him that it was the goddess of witchcraft.

My daughter was painting on the wall. I needed to get more white paint. She opened the paint pot before we got home. I needed to seal it up again. The gypsies helped me seal it with cling film.