Hedgehog Acid Trip

I was a psychologist studying language in infants. I recorded their spontaneous speech about pictures of animals. A hedgehog was a zipper pain prickle ball. Suddenly I was talking to some people about two kids I’d adopted. I said of course I had learned chinese and swedish for them. Their parents were chinese and swedish.

I was drinking something and the circles the glass left on the table reflected the light and made a pattern on the wall. Suddenly I realised this was the same as one of the patterns in the hedgehog book. I had recorded the pattern 20 years ago.

I had been in San Francisco and I had a milkshake with acid in it. My daughter went missing and was never found again. She was transported to an island on the other side of the planet by aliens.

I saw a vision of myself turning into a skeleton. The waitress had put at least a double dose of acid in the milkshake or maybe enough for four people.