First of all winston churchill’s nephew won a colouring competition during the war

with his oil painting of a picture called “the fountain of the four winds”

and it turned out the competition had been held by churchill as a matter of national security

then it was a dream about a dvd called bear mouse hairy spider witch

which came alive

first of all a woman and her son were shopping late at night

and the woman went on to the porch of a shop

and suddenly she was trapped and invisible

and her son came back looking for her

and suddenly they swapped places and he was trapped and invisible instead

eventually they got free

and they were joined by a woman in a tank covered in camouflage netting and branches

and they came to a place where ghosts were trapped in mud

reaching out with their cold muddy hands

and they tried to free them but couldn’t

so they started freeing dog ghosts instead

by having their dogs lick syrup off plates they found in the mud