I moved to a new area and looking for soemthing to do I found a group of young mormons having a discussion about philosophy.

And I listened and watched some of their videos and asked if I could come back next week.

And then there was this papier mache dragon mobile I’d been making.

And as i was trying to fix it this tiny motor set on fire.

And I threw it in a tub of margarine.

And ran out to the garden with it.

When i was in the garden suddenly there were these tiny children.

Like really tiny only a few inches high.

And I was trying to round them all up to take them back to their mother.

They were black children.

Anyway these people caught me and I had to dress up in a robe and suddenly it was the king’s parade and I was locked in to a walled city.

And I saw the king going past and I ran after him.

And he went in the gatehouse and I followed and he sat on this special seat to go up to a different floor and I asked if I could join him and he said sure.

And started talking about how there were all these gorgeous women waiting for him.

And we went up in the lift thing and suddenly I was free and I could go home to my wife but she thought I’d abandoned her because i’d been missing for years and she’d moved house